Dinner menu 55DEGREES

Enjoy our 4, 5 or 6-course menu at restaurant 55Degrees. You can choose one dish for each course. Choose your favorite dishes and create your own menu.

Do you fancy fish, meat or vegetarian? Each course offers a diversity of components and ingredients. Let yourself be surprised and view our menu below.

Appetizers & Digestives

Lunch menu 55DEGREES

Do you have a business meeting, a meeting outside the office or do you just want to have a delicious and refined lunch? Then 55Degrees is the ideal location. Discuss your business formally in one of our beautiful rooms. And enjoy our unique lunch.

Make your lunch complete with our special wine pairing. See our combinations below.

Vegetarian Menu 55DEGREES

At restaurant 55Degrees we work with honest products. All components of our dishes are homemade. We strive to work with organic and local products as much as possible. For our vegetarian guests, we have prepared a special menu.

To ensure the quality and refined flavours, vegan dining is not possible with us. For other special dietary requirements, please contact us.

See our surprising creations below.

Vegetarian dinner menu

Vegetarian lunch menu